• Divided roles into several areas Each section

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fall to hit the table.

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• Friendship Championship 2 in the State of Qatar, which is the second championship of the new year 2017, which is held once a year and this championship is the second was the first championship in 2016 and embrace the sons of Al-Riyashi in the State of Qatar has collected eight teams, The sons of Al — Riyashih in the stadium of Al — Markhiya Club.

• The most prominent success of the combination of the sons of Alraashih all and the evidence of the presence of the public in this form in each game proof of the awareness of the sons of Riyashi and their love for sports and demonstrated skills for their children in football stadiums it is the success of this tournament and its most important goals build and strengthen friendship between everyone and find the soul Sports and ethics and gained a lot of excellence for her experience in the previous championship in addition to skills, including media and professionalism in several areas.

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— Breeding Breast milk and Can Tho nhé).They experience to touch, grasp, taste to have a clear view. — Breast Milk of the first size: 3 4 / kg, beautiful
— Sapling Hanoi, fresh — Shell thin, berry, sweet, — Love Price: 60k / kg

⚡Not many of her quick hands to enjoy delicious fruit.
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DT: 0983 467 488
To: Mo Lao — Ha Dong. Hermes Handbags

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