11th January — 14th January 018
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11th January — 14th January 018
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Verse 1) And it came to pass on the third day the disciple arrived in the city of Violence in the state of
Verse 2) Then they traveled from there to a small city lying nearby, and they came to his home which is on the outskirts of that city,

Verse 3) Now the Disciple had known from times past how the Shaman had lived through many different circumstances, times of great trial and had gone through the blackness of
Verse 4) And he was aware how the Shaman had triumphed through those times and created a Unity within himself, and had come into the awareness of his Family of
Verse 5) Knowing these things, he desired to know more, for he sensed within himself that there were certain things that he lacked, therefore he traveled the distance of many miles to meet his
Verse 6) His friend the Shaman was therefore glad that he had arrived, for their bond of friendship had traversed the space of many eras, times and
Verse 7) And the Shaman took him into his home from that day forward and taught him many things,

Verse 8) For the https://www.replicasbagss.com Knowledge that the Disciple desired was not to be found in the Universities, or the schools or in the steepled
Verse 9) But this Knowledge was united to Wisdom in the bond of Great Compassion, and the heart of the Shaman was made great through the force of his inner
Verse 10) And the Shaman was near to his Disciple throughout the times of the day, teaching and instructing him at various times when the his Spirit overshadowed him in
Verse 11) Day by day, morning by morning, evening by evening, these two were by each other, and the Shaman was fortified by his
Verse 12) For the Disciple supplied the lack in him which he had desired, for oft many times in the past, the Shaman was greatly misunderstood, scorned and reviled and he was left withouta
Verse 13) And as the saying goes, “ Two are better than one because they have a good return for their
Verse 14) And through his support, the Shaman continued to grow in Wisdom and Knowledge, and he received many visions in his spirit and the veil between the the invisible and the visible world grew thin—-and he became more acutely attuned to the Invisibles, and they spoke in and through
Verse 15) But to those who are unacquainted with these things, it is but a tale of the Courtyard, a fable of old wives to
Verse 16) But the testimony of these things are true, and the Disciple knows they are reality, and he has witnessed many wonderful things and will continue to bear
Verse 17) Howbeit, the mind of present humanity is becoming awake and it is not as of old when there were great persecutions against the Masters and
Verse 18) For in olden times, the World Folk were in a state of low awareness, and they abused the Spirituals with calumnies, falsehoods and the dread power of the Church and
Verse 19) Not so in these times, for as a child grows up into adulthood, so has the Folk matured——

Verse 20) Now the time has arrived for these things to be written, but woe betide those who pervert the writing of this book! For those who pervert are as those who walk in the night with a light and throw away that
Verse 21) But now, let us get to the matter at hand now that the necessary introduction has been


Verse 1) And the Shaman opened his mouth and said to the Disciple, “ Come, let is go out into the field!” And it was early in the morning, about the third hour, and they both stood before a
Verse 2) The Shaman took into his hand one of the tender branches of the plant and held it between his
Verse 3) He stood there quietly, his eyes closed as he listened
Verse 4) “ Oh my children! We are so intertwined, so unitedin our Being—-I am your Mother, but it can be said also that I am your creation! You humans are mighty creators, and every one of you is a star piece of
Verse 5) And the Shaman opened his eyes and the snake in his spine loosened and presently he came to normal
Verse 6) “ Look Michael! This gives a wonderful odor! How can this be?” And the Disciple smelled it and he
Verse 7) He told the Shaman and the Shaman said, “ Look how Gaia has responded to my touch! And look, the branch has lost the odor, for it has lasted only a few
Verse 8) “I do not speak from my own mind, but from my higher intuitive, and my intuitive is directly connected to my angelic self! And you have that same ability and so does everyone else——know that you are a creator and that you have always been and always will be! Your body is nothing more than an instrument of your Real Being and you are in charge of your own
Verse 9) “ Michael, I know that you wrestle with doubts within
Verse 10) “Why do you have a low opinion of yourself? There are many things that you have experienced during many previous lifetimes, ans doubtless you have bee persecuted by the masses, and you have been imprisoned, tortured and put to death for the very things that I am teaching you now! Can there be any wonder as to why you hold yourself in low esteem?”

Verse 11) “ Come to awareness to the greatness of your own Being——awareness is the key that unlocks the Veil to the other
Verse 12) “There exists within every human a
Verse 13) “The second part to your Triad is what is called the ‘smart body’—-what is this? Simply put, your smart body is that invisible counterpart of your visible body which innately knows all that is going on inside of your corporeal
Verse 14) “Let me give you a metaphor: Think of the innate/smart body as the software which controls the hardware of a computer—-the computer can do nothing, it knows nothing without the
Verse15) “ So it is with your smart body—-it is the conscious expression of your body and it knows all and controls all of your bodily
Verse 16) “ And lastly, the third part of your Triad is your
Verse 17) “ Knowing these things, therefore put this to good use! As you communicate with each part of your Triad, you will come into more
Verse 18) After the Shaman had said these things, the Disciple became refreshed and encouraged in this


Verse 1) A day came when both the eyes of the Shaman and the Disciple were
Verse 2) And at morning time during the third hour the Shaman looked up into the sky and he beheld a
Verse 3) He said to the Disciple standing nearby, “ I see the energetic field of this bird—-this is none other than the birds’ merkaba!”

Verse 4 (Now the word “merkaba” is loosely translated from the Hebrew as “ Vehicle or Chariot”)

Verse 5) And the Disciple looked up into the sky and as he looked, he saw with astonishment —-and behold, a flock of hawks flew together leaving smoky like trails behind
Verse 6) He saw not the blackish orbs surrounding the birds but only the
Verse 7) Then the Shaman said, “ See how that both of us are seeing these things at the same time? What is happening here? Yesterday and before I could not see it and neither could you, but now we see because of our mysterious connection with each
Verse 8) And he continued, “ What have I told you before about that energetic force which surrounds every living creature, that invisible field of energy which we call the merkaba?”

Verse 9) “The merkaba is what enveloped the Prophet Elijah and caused him to dissapear into a ball of light before the eyes of his disciple
Verse 10) “ These Masters had a conscious connection to their own merkaba which is a vehicle of light which surrounds every living
Verse 11) “ And what would you do if I ascended in a ball of light one day—-what then?”

Verse 12) “ But be assured, everyone has this ability if only they became more consciously aware of themselves, that is, of their own inner Triad—-the Angelic Divine
Verse 13) “ There is no trick or “work” to do in order to do these things, no, but only become more
Verse 14) “ You must love yourself, really love yourself! Become more attuned to yourself and communicate to your own smart
Verse 15) “ You have done this before when there was a pain in your tooth and you let your smart body heal
Verse 16) And when the Shaman finished speaking, both him and the Disciple left with rejoicing to do their daily work (for both of them labor in the cleaning of buildings).

The Gospel of the Aquarian Shaman (Chapter 4) The Grip of the Lions Paw


Verse 1) And the Disciple was at the home of the
Verse 2) The Disciple was glad therefore, for he thought to himself that he would see perhaps a vision, or a voice, or a revelation in his
Verse 3) He went to the back of the house and sat in a lotus position to
Verse 4) And he intoned a certain sound out loud to quiet his mind and waited for visions to appear in his minds
Verse 5) But the Disciple was disappointed, for the visions were not forthcoming—and he saw only fragmentary and meaningless images in his mind’s
Verse 6) And after an hour, the Disciple got up and walked into the
Verse 7) After a while, both the Shaman and the Disciple went outside to
Verse 8) And the Shaman said to the Disciple, “What did you experience in your meditation?”

Verse 9) The Disciple said in a flat voice, “Nothing!”

Verse 10) The Shaman laughed with merriment and said, “How many times do I have to tell you that this sort of thing doesn’t work anymore?”

Verse 11) “Meditation was good in its time back in the day when the folks had no other way to connect to the Divine, but you know that we are in a new time when things work differently
Verse 12) “ Are we not in a time when new things are being expressed on the planet? For there is a new and most potent energy on this earth which came at the precession of the equinoxes during the winter of
Verse 13) “ And now, why do you go back to the old things when the new has arrived? For now the time has come when anyone can connect to their Divinity with great ease—-no more of the old way of doing it, when folks would spend hours a day in chanting and intoning mantras! Humanity has now at their disposal new tools in their tool belt and it is high time to learn how to use these tools!”

Verse 14) “ Do you not know that it is as easy as communicating with your Spirit guides? How they long to talk to you! Yet how are they going to talk to you when you sit down and blank out your mind? You must talk to them as dear friends and they will respond in turn!”

Verse 15) And the Disciple remembered the scripture, “ And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the
Verse 16) The Shaman continued in earnest, “ Your guides are your former past lives and they exist in your auric field—you know this! They are here to guide you in all matters of life and they crave your
Verse 17) “ Some of your past lives were great people who had tremendous influence on humanity, but being that they existed in a time when the energy on the planet was not as potent as it is now, they did the best they could in that energy but with
Verse 18) The Shaman looked at the disciple in earnest and said, “ Why do you doubt? You must believe in yourself! You must see yourself as the piece of God that you are—lift up your hands and say out loud to yourself with feeling and belief, “I am a great shaman of old and I stoke the inner fire that is in me—I am wide open toall of my guides and I long to communicate to them and bridge the gap between me and them!”

Verse 19) The Disciple listened intently and then he knew in that moment that he had wearied himself in the old ways which did not profit
Verse 20) The Disciple lifted up his hands and head toward the skies and said in a low voice, “ I am a shaman of old!”

Verse 21) The Shaman said, “ You must say it with feeling and conviction! Feeling is everything! You must belief beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were Mark, that you were Hiram, that you were Aaron! But you have closed yourself off to feeling to a good degree and have hidden yourself under protective
Verse 22) “I am wide open to my inner fire of passion which wells up in me with great
Verse 23) “ But you Michael need not fear your emotions! I have never even seen you cry! But I cry all of the time because I have opened myself to all that I am! But you needn’t fear about losing control of your emotions because your temperament holds great
Verse 24) “ And my intuitive tells me that you have bottled yourself up because many times in the past, including your past lives you have kept your inner sanctity for fear that others would pervert
Verse 25) The Disciple grew somber and said, “ I am decisive! I now resolve from now on to stoke my inner light and to bring into being all that I am! I want this fire!”

Verse 26) The Shaman saw that he was serious and said, “ You are ready—I want to do something for
Verse 27) And the Shaman wielded his hands in the air for a
Verse 28) The Shaman said, “ Come here!”

Verse 29) The Disciple came close to the
Verse 30) The Shaman thrust his hand with force into the Disciples chest and said, “ Receive this energy! May your inner fire be stoked and may you come into all that you are! Believe and feel the fire that you are receiving, for I have left a piece of myself in you!”

Verse 31) Presently, the Disciple felta tingling in his
Verse 32) The Shaman said, “ Now you feel it don’t you! You feel the energy flowing through you!”

Verse 33) And the Disciple was heartened and renewed his spirit and he he knew that a new thing had been
Verse 34) Rejoice O Disciple! Now you will be rewarded with the fruits of your many labors and you will come into your own!



Verse 1) And the Shaman and the Disciple walked along the beach at the third hour of the
Verse 2) They watched the majesty of Gaia, the thunderous waves crashing on the beach and and they saw the hawks flying
Verse 3) (Now the spirit animal of the Shaman is the hawk and oftentimes wherever the Shaman happened to be, the hawks would circle above
Verse 4) And the Shaman lifted his hands and waved them about, feeling the
Verse 5) Closing his eyes, he brought himself into attunement with his
Verse 6) And he said, “ I see images of people walking about this land, They were Indians who lived near this ocean and this land was sacred to them”.

Verse 7) “ They lived a long while ago, perhaps between a century or
Verse 8) “ They revered the ocean as God, for to them nothing was larger than the ocean, therefore they honored it as
Verse 9) “And I see one among them who was a distinguished
Verse 10) The Shaman then opened his eyes and said to the Disciple, “ The one they call ‘One who walks with the Sun’ wants to speak through Verse 11) “ He wishes to say something to you Michael!”

Verse 12) The Shaman closed his eyes again and went into his
Verse 13) After a small space of time, the snake in the spine of the Shaman stiffened and he spoke in spirit,

Verse 14) “ I am One who walks with the
Verse 15) “ We were as one with the land and the ocean was our
Verse 16) “ I will give you a part of my
Verse 17) “ My spirit will give you the strength to be
Verse 18) And the Disciple took in the spirit of the Indian
Verse 19) The Shaman opened his eyes and both he and the Disciple continued to walk on the
Verse 20) The Shaman said, “ Your spirit guides are not only your past lives, they are also all of the people who were near and dear to you, They left a piece of themselves and put it in your auric field when they
Verse 21) “Your guides can never go against your free will for they only act as
Verse 22) “And if you choose to indulge in a pleasure, or if you wish to spoil yourself, they would never go against
Verse 23) “ For what purpose is there in refraining from the pleasures of life? You have incarnated many times here on this earth, and you are one of the soldiers of the army of light who has come down from the other side of the veil to be in corporeal form—cut off from Source and now at the mercy of the rigors of Mother Nature—you deserve to enjoy the simple pleasures of life!”

Verse 24) “And this is the heritage of every
Verse 25) “The churches teach abstinence and suffering as a means to virtue and reward, but this is nonsense!”

Verse 26) “ The body has in itself a superior version of itself—it is the intelligence of the body which knows all that goes on in your
Verse 27) “ There High Quality replica Bags may be times when you will get strange physical cravings or urges—perhaps the intelligence in your body tells you to smoke—don’t deny yourself!”

Verse 28) “ Smoke if you will until your innate tells you that it is
Verse 29) “ Never bring suffering upon yourself! You are a piece of God who deserves all of the pleasures in
Verse 30) “ The pleasures of alcohol are meant to to relax the human and to separate him/her from the dull corporeal existence—this brings the human more in contact with his/her spirit—but only when drunk in
Verse 31) “ And if you choose to be a drunkard, then so what? Are you not more than this temporary body? You havealways been and always will be and have incarnated in many bodies and will incarnate in many more—there is no judgement on the other side of the veil but only consequences that have to be paid in this
Verse 32) “The murderer and the evil doer are able to wield power, and that power resides in the same power of God as the righteous—-else, the evildoer would not be able to exercise the power of his evil if he/she did not have the same share in the power of
Verse 33) Then the Disciple remembered the scripture, “I am God, I create good, I create
Verse 34) The Shaman said, “ There is infinite benevolence behind everything, including the things which we perceive to be
Verse 35) “ And we labor in this realm of matter, mining the Light out of the Darkness, and we take that Light and feed it into the Godhead who is
Verse 36) “ For this is ever the path! We as soldiers of Light must put ourselves in Darkness and tortuously find a way through it and we blaze a trail of Light in and out of the Darkness!”

Verse 37) And the Disciple remembered the scripture, “ For God who commanded the Light to shine out of Darkness hath shined in our


Verse 1) The Shaman said, “ Humanity has put itself under a cloud of doom and despair because of the
Verse 2) “ Many if not all of the major world religions have these prophecies of judgement and doom which supposedly will be fulfilled to the letter at the end of the
Verse 3) “ But none of these prophecies were written in stone! Yet humanity has chosen to believe in the gloom and doom narrative because their scriptures tell them
Verse 4) “ You have many of these gloom and doom prophets which are popular among the people such as Nostradamus and Edgar
Verse 5) “ Cayce was a man who was prone to perpetual bouts of melancholy and was constantly surrounded by people who drained him of his
Verse6) “ These prophets were able to see into the spirit world and see visions of future
Verse 7) “ So they unwittingly became trapped in a vicious
Verse 8) “ But we are divine beings who have free will! We do not have to choose the narrative of doom and destruction! A new energy has flooded the planet since the time of the precession of the equinox in
Verse 9) “ Can you not see the changes? The new energy has had a tremendous impact on the
Verse 10) “ There is nothing hidden that will not be exposed to the Light! The kings of money, the Rothschilds, the Bilderbergers and the Rockefellers are losing their power because the people are becoming aware that they have the power over their own lives!”

Verse 11) The Disciple said, “ Yes, and even the Bible shows that prophecies are not infallible! (Whoever reads let him understand) Didn’t even the Apostle Paul say in one place, “Prophecies shall fail!” and when Jonah prophesied doom to the people of Nineveh, he was disappointed that his prophecy did not come
Verse 12) The Shaman said, “ We must clear the air of all of this doom! Remember that the Universe is made up of two spectrums of One energy, Dark and
Verse 13) “ Now Dark is on the opposite side of the spectrum of
Verse 14) “ Being that darkness is passive, it becomes more easy to manipulate and thus people wield the darkness for selfish and evil
Verse 15) “ But Light is far more potent and can easily dispel the darkness with its
Verse 16) “ We can send pure light into the ether which has been clouded by the dark imaginations of
Verse 17) “ By sending the Light, we must never send it with any intentions to force people to choose
Verse 18) “ Otherwise the Light is not pure if it be sent with the intention to infringe on free
Verse 19) The Shaman took his right hand and waved it in the air in a circular
Verse 20) He
Verse 21) “ Thus the light is pure and people can choose this light more freely—iffree will is hindered, then that means the light was impure and it muddies the ether all the
Verse 22) “Just think how benevolent a humanity can become when it learns to choose the light with no thought of an eternal reward in heaven! A human being will express its divinity more fully when he/she chooses the light under no
Verse 23) “ This planet is a place of free
Verse 24) “ How can humanity ascend into benevolence under such a system? Therefore, free will must trump all otherwise humanity as a whole will not ascend.” replica Purse.

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