For starters it just tastes like the tropics! It’s sweet and

Pineapple’s perfect any time of year, but it’s particularly fabulous during hot summer months. For starters it just tastes like the tropics! It’s sweet and juicy, with a refreshing crunch that gets your mouth watering immediately. It’s full of goodness, vitamin C and, at only 80 calories for a cup, a real treat. Pineapples are terrific fresh, juiced, cooked and preserved. My favourite is a crushed pineapple onto some good quality vanilla ice cream. Yum!

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Time and place have been updated! It’ll take place at 4pm on Saturday at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium right before the Cosplay Masquerade (and in the same place)!

If you are planning to enter the battle see this link here : Registration closes on August 23rd, so if you or your group is planning to submit hurry and sign up!!

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