Yes, it’s harder to find a good Haskell programmer than it is

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replica Purse The message to business people should be similar. No, Haskell is not PHP on steroids, it’s a different beast altogether. It’s a major paradigm shift, with major benefits that are well worth the costs. You hire expensive, highly trained MBAs to professionally manage your company’s financial assets; why would you not hire elite programmers to manage its information assets? The importance of husbanding knowledge assets to gain competitive advantage is only going to increase; treat it as mere data processing and your competitors will eat you alive. Yes, it’s harder to find a good Haskell programmer than it is to find 100 mediocre PHP hackers, but aside from being more productive, the Haskell programmer comes with a disciplined, highly sophisticated way of thinking about information structures and algorithms. This makes it much more likely that your Haskell staff will do a much better job of figuring out how to turn your raw data into real capital that returns value. There is no one best resource that I’ve found. Klinger’s The Haskell Programmer’s Guide to the IO Monad Don’t Panic is pretty good too, but you have to stare at it for a while. Pierce’s is very useful, but also very concise; 80 pages, and he doesn’t cover monads. But he has some very useful examples; I found I kept going back to Pierce as I worked through other texts. replica Purse

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